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Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a gentle process in which hairs are permanently destroyed by the introduction of heat into the hair follicle. The heat is delivered below the surface of the skin (follicle) via a very thin and flexible probe. To date, electrolysis is the only proven and safe way to permanently remove all hairs. Including gray, red and Vellus hairs we also know as FUZZ. Currently, the FDA recognizes this procedure as the ONLY system that can claim permanent hair.. We have reimagined the industry of hair removal for ethnic women, one where skin color is not a barrier to services but rather a beneficiary of lasting results.Electrolysis can treat ANY skin complexion, hair texture/color or area of the body. The most treated areas include: Face, Chin, Neck, Underarms and Bikini.


Electrolysis is NOT performed under these conditions:

  • Active Herpes
  • Visible Lesions
  • Venereal Warts
  • Bacterial/Fungal Infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes

Electrolysis CAN be performed despite these conditions:

  • Pseudo – folliculitis
  • PCOS
  • Ingrowns
  • Pregnancy


We are Hair Removal Clinicians aka “fuzzicians” with a license to heal. And we are doing this, one bikini at a time! We are so confident that you will Love us on the FIRST electrolysis insertion or you may leave us and pay nothing!
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