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Waxing also known as epilation is the process of removing unwanted hair from below the surface of the skin. It is a temporary solution to hair removal which generally lasts up to an average of 4 weeks. With regular maintenance and homecare products the benefits can last longer. We use a natural simple ingredient film wax that is flexible and efficient. Our “fuzzicians” are especially trained in sensitive areas especially Bikinis- which is our business.


There are unique changes that occur to the female anatomy during pregnancy. And though each month offers unique challenges, many women agree that the benefits are well worth it. Because an overall feeling of well-being is achieved with regular maintenance waxes. Since bikini waxing during pregnancy is generally safe under the right conditions, many women wax the entire nine months with us! To learn more about waxing while pregnant please feel free to contact us!

*No person under 18 will be serviced without parental consent.Parent must be present.


  • Do cleanse skin daily to prepare for treatment.
  • Do continue to exfoliate skin daily.
  • Do take bath soaks to soften skin.
  • Do moisturize skin daily.


  • Do cleanse with cool water.
  • Do hydrate skin with a light moisturizer.
  • Do apply cornstarch-based powder to cool skin and minimize friction/sweating.
  • Do exfoliate with a glove after 72 hours.


Waxing is NOT performed under these conditions:

  • Active Herpes
  • Visible Lesions
  • Venereal Warts
  • Excessive untreated Ingrowns
  • Bacterial/Fungal Infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes


We are Hair Removal Clinicians aka “fuzzicians” with a license to heal. And we are doing this, one bikini at a time! We remove HAIR with CARE! Our expert training and experience positions us to be the leading practice for hair removal in New York and beyond. We are so confident that you will Love us on the FIRST wax strip or you may leave us and pay nothing!

Unique changes in the female anatomy arise during pregnancy. Moreover, WAXING DURING PREGNANCY IS SAFE AND COMPLETED WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION. Please feel free to direct all questions and concerns regarding your service to info@fuzzlabnewyork.com
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